AIMed’s popular abstract competition has opened for submissions.

Returning for 2022, the competition gives students and early career clinicians and data scientists the opportunity to present posters to an esteemed panel of judges. Chaired by Vimla Patel and Ted Shortliffe, this will take place on Tuesday May 24 at AIMed’s Global Summit in San Francisco, CA.

In a change from previous years, and given the range of methodologies featured in submissions, this year’s competition will offer open submissions.

Winning abstracts will receive a refund on their ticket plus a $500 prize.

Vimla Patel and Ted Shortliffe said:

“These kinds of competitions can be a great opportunity for young scientists and clinicians to bring their work before an interested and discriminating audience. Preparing an abstract of one’s work in poster format requires thinking about the importance and lessons of one’s work, the overall poster design, the clarity of the text and graphical presentation, and will also be judged based on their ability to present the work orally to interested viewers of the poster. We expect this to be an exciting new element in the meeting.”

Submission criteria

The competition is open to all students and early career professionals working with artificial intelligence within the domains of medicine and health care. Potential topics include decision support, human factors, wearables, robotics and virtual reality, data security, and applications to hospital monitoring, medical imaging, and precision medicine.

Those wishing to apply will be required to submit an abstract (250 words maximum) no later than Monday December 13, 2021, with shortlisting taking place the following week. Successful submissions will display their posters throughout the meeting and will take part in the abstract competition that will be held live on the morning of May 24, 2022.

“We look forward to working with a team of judges and to be inspired by the work being undertaken by the presenters”, continued Patel and Shortliffe.

How to apply

Please send abstracts (250 words maximum) to “a[email protected]” with the subject line “AIMed abstract competition”. Those selected for presentation at the meeting will be asked to provide a full poster regarding the work described in the abstract.