This film highlights the relationship between Dr Animesh Tandon, Director of Cardiovascular Innovation at Cleveland Clinic Children’s and Dr Karen Cross, a Surgeon Scientist at Dalhousie University, a connection made at AIMed’s Global Summit. 

Dr Tandon had identified a clinical need. Low cardiac output syndrome (LCOS) is, tragically, the leading cause of mortality in pediatric patients who have undergone cardiac surgery. Early recognition and timely intervention are key to but current monitoring systems are unsuitable. Dr Cross, CEO and Co-Founder of Mimosa Diagnostics, a startup health company, had been working on a non-invasive product to assess tissue health for diabetes. They connected, and the outcome is going to change lives.

“When we came to AIMed, we felt that we had found our tribe…the value proposition for this relationship is that we’re going to change the world in this particular area of medicine.”  Dr Karen Cross.

At AIMed we see the inspirational outcomes of humans connecting and collaborating. Cross says “We already know that we make a difference saving the limbs and lives of mostly adults, in particular those at the “aged” end of life. This fits our culture of wanting to make a difference, but helping those at the start of life adds to the passion.” 

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