, healthcare’s data science platform, has announced a partnership with Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), a national leader in population health management.

ClosedLoop’s explainable artificial intelligence (AI) helps SWHR enhance its analytics capabilities to predict and reduce unplanned hospitalizations, and better identify and understand the unique needs of patients, so it can continue to set the industry standard for population health management. For SWHR, harnessing AI is critical to closing gaps, connecting patients to the right care at the right time, and leveraging patient- and population-level insights to transform outcomes.

Jason Fish, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of SWHR, said:

“At SWHR, our patient-centered network is committed to innovative care models that are value-based, high-quality, and data-driven. Because of our partnership with ClosedLoop, we’re better able to identify and act on the most impactful opportunities for our physician partners to improve patient results and reduce unnecessary costs.”

ClosedLoop’s explainable AI reimagines the concept of patient risk profiling by shifting away from legacy risk “scores” to comprehensive, personalized forecasts delivered directly into clinical workflows. Each forecast harnesses patient-specific data and surfaces key variables that explain precisely what risks a patient faces and why. It integrates relevant clinical details and links to specific interventions that clinical teams use to prevent adverse events, improve outcomes, and reduce unnecessary costs.

The SWHR deployment leverages the same technology that won ClosedLoop the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge, the largest healthcare-focused AI competition in history. ClosedLoop beat more than 300 of the world’s leading technology and healthcare organizations, including IBM, Mayo Clinic, Merck, and Accenture. ClosedLoop also was recognized as a KLAS Healthcare AI 2020 Top Performer.

Speaking exclusively to AIMed, ClosedLoop CEO and Co-founder Andrew Eye said:

“We’re gratified to see the most innovative healthcare organizations use ClosedLoop’s award-winning healthcare AI. SWHR has been the top Next Gen ACO in the US for three years straight, saving CMS more than $120 million since 2017. We’re looking forward to helping SWHR continue to lead in clinical excellence while also lowering healthcare costs.”