Increased access and cybersecurity have never been more important to the delivery of care than in today’s healthcare environment. To help improve the patient experience while offering enhanced online safety, Atlantic Health System, a nationally recognized leader in innovative and high-quality healthcare, has partnered with Vouched, a leading developer of artificial intelligence and computer vision for real-time identity verification.

Traditionally, being a new patient to a physician’s office or health care system means completing an in-person registration process that is heavy on forms and requires a significant investment of time. Patients often cannot self-register outside of a facility without going through a cumbersome and complicated identity screening process. Thanks to a proprietary identity verification AI, Vouched.ID, Atlantic Health System patients can now safely and securely register digitally via their smartphone in seconds.

“Atlantic Health seeks to transform healthcare, increase patient access, improve efficiency, and provide a better all-around patient experience,” said Benjamin Maisano, Vice President, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Atlantic Health System. “Vouched.ID allows us to replicate in-person workflows online, such as examining a driver’s license or other government-issued photo identity documents, then using AI to compare with their live face scan, automating registration and getting patients access to their care team faster, easier and safer than ever before.”

Atlantic Health System already uses Vouched.ID for virtual urgent care and continues to innovate with Vouched to expand applications to schedule any kind of appointment and bring touchless face scanning to in-person systems, replacing palm scanners for a safer, more hygienic experience.

”Americans from all walks of life – those with autoimmune diseases, the elderly who have difficulty driving, busy moms – can benefit from the ease and speed telemedicine provides, and that’s especially true as the COVID pandemic enters its fourth wave,” said Vouched CEO and Co-founder, John Baird. “But millions struggle to be identified, effectively blocking health care access. Working with Atlantic Health, Vouched provides easy, remote identity verification, powering seamless access to health care.”

Vouched is also part of the Atlantic Health System Venture Studio – the home for Atlantic Health System’s innovative and strategic partnerships. Designed to foster world-changing innovations that solve the health care challenges of tomorrow, the Atlantic Health System Venture Studio gives startups, vendors and technology leaders access to mentorship from Atlantic Health System’s internationally renowned clinical and business leaders.