Northwell Health has signed a ten-year agreement with Clinithink to use its CLiX revenue solution to improve accuracy in its revenue cycle management operations.

With 22 hospitals and over 800 outpatient facilities in its growing network, Northwell Health delivers healthcare to over two million people annually in the New York metro area and beyond, operating in more than 100 medical specialties.

Leveraging its patented CLiX technology and ground-breaking clinical natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Clinithink’s CLiX revenue can process millions of documents in hours instead of days. CLiX revenue automates the initial chart review for the revenue cycle staff that must otherwise be conducted manually as part of various aspects of the revenue cycle activities typical of almost every health system in the US.

“Even though we have an extensive revenue cycle management team, we know we cannot currently cover all our activity with manual chart review, especially in relation to identifying co-morbidities, Northwell recognized the power of clinical NLP that we could use to assist our revenue cycle teams several years ago. Having carefully evaluated Clinithink, we have partnered with them to bring this automation process to our system in a strategic ten-year deal.” said Dr Gerard Brogan, Chief Revenue Officer for Northwell Health. “We will first be deploying CLiX revenue to augment review of cases. With Clinithink, we can now extend our revenue cycle review without increasing staff costs. This, along with support for denials management will enable us to use Clinithink’s cutting-edge technology in critical revenue cycle activities which in turn ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of our patients.”

Northwell’s Chief Finance Officer, Michele Cusack, added:

“When I first saw Clinithink’s technology, I could see the benefit it could deliver to our teams in revenue cycle management. Clinithink has been an excellent partner in working with us to prove out those benefits leading to this exciting partnership.”

Marc Horowitz, Business Development Executive at Clinithink, concluded:

“We are excited to enter into this long-term partnership with Northwell. It demonstrates the value they see in our solution in an increasingly competitive market and the confidence they have in Clinithink as a partner. Their input during the development phase really drove our product team to improve CLiX revenue in ways we think the market will find compelling. Northwell will be deploying new capabilities that will make a big difference to their operations and the result of our mutual hard work is a high quality, intuitive product focused on delivering value to our customers.”