AIMed’s Clinician Series concluded for 2021 this week with two great sessions.

Tuesday’s session on AI in pediatric imaging featured speakers from Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, UT Southwestern and Children’s Health, and Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, as well as sponsors Subtle Medical.

Speaking ahead of the session, Greg Zaharchuk, Co-founder of Subtle Medical and Professor of Radiology and practicing Neuroradiologist at Stanford University, said:

“When we think about the long term vision of artificial intelligence in medical imaging, the piece that excites me is the fact that AI will add value not just to a few, but to every stakeholder in healthcare. From the patient to the provider, from pediatrics to adults.. At some point, AI will touch everyone and improve every step of the imaging process. We’re excited to be a part of that journey at Subtle Medical, building deep learning solutions that not only improve the quality and efficiency of medical imaging, but dramatically improve patient comfort and safety at the same time.”

Wednesday brought together a healthcare CEO, CMO, CIO, CTO and an expert to discuss artificial intelligence strategy and implementation: how to actually deliver dividends from healthcare data and intelligence. Speakers from Palomar Health, Novant Health, Alignment Healthcare, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, and IQVIA reflected on how they see AI driving improvement, being a disruptor, and the key applications they see helping to drive those improvements.

Eric Eskioglu, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Novant Health commented during the session:

“The way I approach artificial intelligence is: how does that improve the safety and quality of our organizations for patient care? One of the things I have recognized over the years is, when we invest, most of the time my CEO or CFO is looking for an ROI – and rightly so, to be able to invest in these technologies – and I’ve changed that return on investment to return on innovation. Because you set a strategy and you have to have innovation to deliver that strategy, and innovation sometimes can be messy and can take some time.”

ROI was a key theme of the Clinician Series, which was generously sponsored by Pfizer UK, and featured sessions on primary care and population health, ethics and equity, patient experience and engagement, and much more.

AIMed content director Alexis May said:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Pfizer UK and Subtle Medical for their sponsorship of this series, as well as all the fantastic speakers and attendees who made it such a success. We’re delighted that our 2021 Clinician Series – including the Surgery, ICU and Neurosciences conference in March and the Imaging meeting in June – were so well received.”

All sessions are available to view on demand, including a keynote from Verily’s Vivian Lee and speakers from organizations including the NIH, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Healthcare, Medical University of South Carolina, the Royal Society of Medicine, and Siemens Healthineers. Catch up here.