Scopio Labs have launched a Full-Field Bone Marrow AspirateTM (FF-BMA) Application. This platform enables a complete digital workflow for bone marrow aspirate scanning and analysis. With embedded remote analysis capabilities over a secure hospital network, the application provides the ability to review the aspirate from any location, in the lab or from remote sites, eliminating the need for a manual microscope to perform a BMA review.

“Reviewing bone marrow aspirate is an art form – it is a complex and intricate analysis predominantly performed by trained hematopathologists or hematologists,” said Amy Meitus, MD, Chief Product Officer at Scopio Labs. “Scopio’s FF-BMA platform provides a digital end-to-end solution that augments physicians’ capabilities. Our AI-powered Decision Support System provides the clinician with an in-depth explanation for every suggestion offered, engendering a level of trust and transparency crucial for confident decision making.”

Until now, standard bone marrow aspirate review was conducted manually via microscopic analysis of cells, with guidelines recommending review of at least 500 cells per sample. Scopio’s Full-Field imaging provides hematologists with a digital copy of the slide at 100X magnification while the AI-powered Decision Support System analyzes thousands of cells throughout the sample. Lab experts are then provided with a comprehensive analysis of various characteristics of the sample, including a 500-cell differential that correctly represents the distribution of thousands of cells across the sample.

“We are excited to bring this novel and much needed application to the market. Whereas tissue pathology has reached the digital age, hematopathology has remained analog – until now,” said Itai Hayut, Co-Founder and CEO of Scopio Labs.

The FF-BMA Application operates on Scopio’s X100 and X100HT, the same devices as the Full-Field-Peripheral Blood Smear™ Application, providing a scalable solution for hospitals and lab networks looking to digitize hematology diagnostics and testing processes.