will AI replace radiologists artificial intelligenceTy Vanchon

Imaging Informaticist and Medical Imaging Domain Expert – ORA Informatics

“There is no way AI can replace radiologists – at least not in the current healthcare system. Radiologists who use AI will likely surpass radiologists who don’t, but even that is down the road.

“I hope AI will disrupt the pipeline of people coming into the field, but in a good way. For the last 50 years radiologists have been very happy with their workflow of: the images come to the desk, reading the images, and giving a report to their referring doctor.

“If we see ourselves as a physician and we want to answer the question of ‘How do we get the picture from inside the person to help them the best?’ then this is the next step in the path of radiology.

“In the short term there will be people who say, I didn’t sign up for this. But I think this will sway some people who are interested in medicine AND computer science to join radiology.”


will AI replace radiologists artificial intelligenceDr Sardonicus

Anonymous user – Auntminne.com

“People who don’t understand medicine think AI will replace the radiologist, and they are naive. They believe what we do is to recognize pictures. That is square one, and current technology does an abysmal job of that. The few publications saying their technology does as well (or better than) radiologist are full of technical problems that invalidate their own claims.

“No less a presence than IBM made a large investment in this effort only to abandon it after just a few years.

“My fear is those who actually now control purchases are also very ignorant of our roles and will not have the knowledge to understand that the technology they are being sold can’t do what we do.

“Paired with that is the concern that those in the position to purchase these things do not really care if it can do all we can, only that it would cost much less and therefore improve profits substantially. All of us in medicine have seen at one time or another administrators happily compromising care to make more money.”


will AI replace radiologists artificial intelligenceVinod Khosla*

Founder – Khosla Ventures

“In some areas we definitely have sufficient data [to automate], but people haven’t worked on the right problem or worked on it the right way.

“Take Reading an MRI chart, or an x-ray, or a CT scan –  There’s no reason a human should be doing it.

“We have the data, we just haven’t perfected all the algorithms – we hear stories about point algorithms.

“You know, the role of the radiologist should be obsolete in the next five years.”

*Quotes from a podcast by hosted by Silicon Valley biotechnology startup Color Genomics: https://blog.color.com/announcing-colors-new-podcast-series-sequenced-b1ace69f4868



will AI replace radiologists artificial intelligenceLily Peng

Product Manager – Google

“Machine Learning is a tool that can help doctors. Advancements in this space can enable extending the reach of healthcare providers, who will always play a key role. ML’s true potential will only be realized when deployed in partnership with local healthcare providers.”




will AI replace radiologists artificial intelligenceJeremy Howard

Founder and Researcher – fast.ai

“In the last couple of years academic research has shown that deep learning (DL) is better at recognising what objects are in an image than humans are, given that enough data is available to train an appropriate model. You should assume that for most kinds of an image that a human looks at, a computer could recognize objects in that image more quickly and more accurately than you can.

“Personally, my belief is the best thing to do with it is to help radiologists, pathologists, all the other folks who use medical imaging to be both more efficient and more effective.”


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