Join us to learn about the practical considerations of purchasing, using, and evaluating AI algorithms in clinical practice.

We will hear our expert panelists discuss metrics surrounding AI usage in clinical practice and how to determine whether the cost is worth it and whether reimbursement for its usage is possible.

We will also discuss the benefits and limitations of research partnerships in the usage of AI algorithms and what academic medical centers can offer for patients.

How do you decide if the cost of the AI is worth it?

Can we get reimbursed for using it?

Can we get it for free through a research partnership?


Sonia Gupta MD | Senior Medical Director | RAD-AI

Melissa Chen MD | Clinical Neuroradiologist | MD Anderson Cancer Center

Aashim Bhatia, M.D., M.S. | Pediatric Neuroradiologist | Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Ari Goldberg, MD | Director, Thoracic & Abdominal Imaging | Loyola Medicine