Time, date and format

  • Date: Wednesday 25 May, 2022
  • 12pm PT
  • Location: Breakout room to be confirmed


During the AIMed Global Summit, GE Healthcare will be hosting a focus group consisting of key stakeholders from healthcare providers (clinical and administrative head/administrator of the cardiology service line, CMIOs, CIOs, CFOs and CEOs) and healthcare insurers.

Moderated by Ami Bhatt, CIO at the American College of Cardiology, this focus group discussion aims to explore how cardiologists, cardiology business leaders and healthcare IT executives approach AI in cardiology imaging, in particular:

  • What clinical and business challenges are cardiologists and cardiology business leaders looking to AI to solve?
  • How should actional clinical insights, generated by AI and/or guidelines, be integrated into clinical workflow to maximize benefit and uptake?
  • How can AI best be integrated as a cardiology pathway concept with the aims to: detect disease early, optimize and track pathway
  • How do they evaluate or plan to evaluate the value and effectiveness of AI within their organization? What are the key metrics to track to measure impact?

This group discussion will also examine how a platform approach can simplify these considerations enabling effective selection, deployment, management and use of a wide range of imaging applications and AI.

Desired outcomes

  • Understand the challenges and approaches of planning and deploying AI
  • Understand the impact of advanced decision support in the cardiology pathway
  • Understand how tools/products can support (or not) the clinical workflows and desired outcomes
  • Understand how to align incentives for the players in the cardiology ecosystem: tech providers, care providers, payers, pharma, device, etc


  • Moderator:
    • Ami Bhatt, CIO at the American College of Cardiology
  • GE Healthcare participants:
    • Eigil Samset, General Manager, Cardiology Care Area
  • AIMed participants:
    • TBC