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In the earlier AIMed webinar, speakers touched upon challenges hindering the real adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical radiology. As most radiologists share a rather speedy and hectic workload, AI tools that require extra plug-ins or taking up additional study time may not be well-received. Likewise, it may not be of the domain’s interest, if a new solution cannot be seamlessly integrated into the existing Picture Archiving and Communication (PAC) system, regardless of how effective or efficient it may be.

In general, speakers suggested bridging the gap between ideas and reality. Clinicians who are passionate about data science and AI should gather and bring both radiology and technology closer. On the other hand, tech guru should consult fellow clinicians to address the real and immediate needs. In spite of the informational session, there were issues such as obtaining the right data to train AI algorithms, educating patients and the next generation of clinicians on the benefits of AI, and whether the existing regulations could support and further accelerate new technologies, remain unexplored.

As such, in this upcoming webinar, speakers will continue their discussion of what contributes to a successful translation of AI into present clinical radiology.

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