Jonathan – Medical Imaging and Biomedical Diagnostics

Jonathan Lukeoff Background/problem 2 years ago, Jaime Olmos and I published a paper arguing that diagnostic medical radiation was over utilized and more harmful than clinicians considered. We documented that the literature backed us up, but that no method had been utilized to end this overexposure.

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Jenae Vancura – Medical Imaging and Biomedical Diagnostics

Jenae Vancura   2019-11-04 08:01:47 (GMT) This past year during a shadowing experience in neurosurgery, a family came in for a consult regarding lesions that were discovered in their son’s brain stem. To everyones surprise, when we sat down to look at the follow-up MRI from that morning, the le

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Devika – Medical Imaging and Biomedical Diagnostics

Devika Rajan MIA, known as the Medical Illustration Aid, is a voice activated “smart board” that presents a 3D rotatable image used to illustrate diagnoses and procedures. The board is a screen mounted onto the wall in the clinic room and includes a stylus with a microphone on one side for the clini

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Amrit – Medical Imaging and Biomedical Diagnostics

Amrit Virdee Apart from walking into a pharmacy and asking a Pharmacist, current methods for identifying prescription medications involve using various prescription medication recognition portals such as PillBox (https://pillbox.nlm.nih.gov/pillimage/search.php),  WebMD Pill Identifier (https://www.

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Decision Support and Hospital Monitoring (Siriman Konare)

Siriman Konare 2019-11-21 14:51:41 (GMT) The importance of indoor air quality in health care facilities is a growing concern, resulting from changing care practices, aging housing stock and the presence of frail people and staff. Environmental approaches don’t exist in the 40 healthcare facilities a

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