Dr Monica Trujillo

As Senior Director, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Clinical Information Officer of Cerner Australia and Asia Pac, Dr. Trujillo leads Cerner’s highly skilled team of doctors, nurses, and clinicians, to raise clinical leadership, strategy and engagement across the 400+ Asia Pacific hospitals and community health centre clients.

Dr. Trujillo is focussed on advancing patient-centered care and safety and improving quality outcomes through the adoption of clinical technology, clinician leadership and active community collaboration.

She is a passionate advocate on fully and effectively engaging clinicians and consumers in the design, implementation and sustainability of digital health solutions, in order to bring about high quality and safety outcomes. She was recognised for her work leading clinician engagement across UnitingCare Health with a “CEO Commendation Award for Medical Engagement Supporting Electronic Medical Record Adoption” in 2015.

Dr. Trujillo obtained her degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1998, holds a Master of Public Health, and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators as well as Fellow of the Australasian College of Health