Dr. Rajesh Das
Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Preventive Cardiologist

Rajesh is an Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Preventive Cardiologist at Stanford University.  He is a thought leader in preventive cardiology and cardiovascular physiology. The inspiration for HealthPals came from his landmark South Asian prevention clinic, which he launched at Stanford in 2014 to help stem the flood of heart disease in a high risk population.  His observation of major gaps in management of the most impactful diseases (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes) were often being treated incorrectly or not at all. He now inspires a diverse array of potential customers and partners by evangelizing the HealthPals Precision Public Health solution, to large medical systems, technology and life science companies, and payers.

In addition to his leadership at HealthPals, Rajesh’s Stanford research focuses on the prediction of coronary and cardiovascular disease in high risk patient populations. In this effort, he serves as Medical and Scientific Director of the Stanford South Asian Translational Heart Initiative (SSATHI), whose mission is to detect, treat, and prevent the onset of coronary and cardiometabolic diseases in young South Asians. He studies this problem at the cellular and physiological levels, and he validates local discoveries and hypotheses in population studies with clinical partners in India. He is also an expert in molecular imaging of cell injury using cardiac MRI techniques.

Rajesh holds a BS in Biological Sciences with Honors from Stanford University, where he spent three years studying the impact of stress on the aging brain.  He then earned his MD and PhD degrees from the University of Cincinnati, where his doctoral thesis identified novel gender-dependent signaling pathways that protect the heart from injury.  After completing his Internal Medicine residency training at the University of Washington in Seattle, he then returned to the Bay Area to complete his Cardiology Fellowship and Chief Fellowship at UCSF Medical Center.  He has been on faculty at Stanford for 10 years.