Karishma Muthukumar
Undergraduate Student, University of California Irvine

Karishma Muthukumar is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying cognitive sciences at University of California, Irvine. She is excited to be returning to AIMed four years after her winning idea to build a communication tool for paralyzed patients that integrates emojis and Brain-Computer Interface technologies. In 2018, Karishma was named Young Innovator to Watch at the Consumer Electronics Show for the prototype of OutLoud. Earlier this year, she was named a finalist for NSF’s 2026 Idea Machine competition for her idea to promote empathy-based AI systems. She is the founder of Synapse Connection, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring students through neuroscience education, innovation, and outreach. Karishma is currently serving as UCI’s 2019-20 Dalai Lama Scholar. Funded by the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, she is implementing the Patient Project to redesign the hospital waiting room experience. Karishma is thrilled by the promise of Artificial Intelligence and has a particular interest for the discussion of ethics and emotionality.