Shahrokh Shahidzadeh

Shahrokh Shahidzadeh is the CEO of Acceptto Corporation, a cybersecurity company
headquartered in Portland, Oregon, leading a team of technologists delivering a
Cognitive Continuous Authentication™ utilizing machine learning and predictive
analytics by detecting anomalies, providing early fraud detection.

Prior to Acceptto, Shahrokh was the Senior Principal Technologist of Ambient
Intelligence Research (AIR) at Intel Corporation. He led a cross industry alliance on
AIR-Health initiative, an allocentric, spatiotemporal cognitive multi modal scene
modeling, object and people detection, action recognition and driving the
implementation of the continuous cognitive backend analytics engine of AIR. He also
led device identity & fingerprinting for large scale IoT initiatives and a number of
initiatives driving platform trust elevation, per service device identity and use of
contextual factors to enable Premise Aware Security (PAS) concept.