Timothy Chou looks forward to the BevelCloud session at AIMed’s Global Summit.

Our story begins with Dr Anthony Chang taking my cloud computing class at Stanford. There, he shared with me the sad story of a little girl in Myanmar dying because the clinicians could not share an echocardiogram with Anthony. Inspired by Anthony’s passion and experience, we launched a moon shot mission to create a new generation of transformative AI applications based on access, use and sharing of healthcare data from all 1,000,000 healthcare machines in all 500 children’s hospitals in the world. Our mission takes a village to realize, and in our session at AIMed’s Global Summit, we will introduce you to some members of the crew.

Dr Charitha Reddy is Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford Children’s Hospital. We met about two years ago. She had a vision of being able to use large amounts of diverse echo data to transform pediatric cardiology.  She will talk about her EchoNet Peds, including the challenges of accessing and sharing data, as well as what she sees in the future when we are able to access 100,000 echo cases across 4 continents.

We were lucky early in the mission when Leanne West, Chief Engineer of Pediatric Technologies at Georgia Tech, introduced us to Mark Lalande, VP Research at Shriners Children’s.  Cole Hilton is the Corporate Research Data Manager at Shriners Hospitals for Children who will be joining us at AIMed. Cole will talk about why Shriners joined the moon shot mission and what hurdles they had to jump through to make that happen. He will also discuss how Shriners going to start by twinning all X-ray machines and ultrasounds in all 21 facilities, and how this technology might supplement Shriners’ charter.

Of course, with Dr Chang being the inspiration, CHOC Children’s had to be one of the Vanguard Hospitals. Eventually, in every conversation with clinicians we end up talking to IT. We’re pleased to have Adam Gold, Chief Technology Officer at CHOC, coming to AIMed. He is ideally placed to talk about the IT objections to bringing the CHOC edge zone online and how they were handled, offering advice for other CTOs and CIOs who might want to join our moon shot mission.

You might have all heard statements like: “We have very strict rules about PHI and HIPAA” or “The main blockers are patient consent”. We’re lucky enough to have one of my former students joining our panel, Mirena Taskova, who has 15 years of experience in privacy law and has contributed to the privacy architecture of the edge cloud. She will help to dispel a few privacy myths – separating fiction from reality and helping clinicians engage with the Chief Privacy Officer.

While privacy has legal and operational challenges, there are innovative technologies to advance state of the art artificial intelligence. I’m pleased to have the Chief Architect of BevelCloud, Travis Shanahan, joining us. He will talk about how BevelCloud will advance the state of the art in developing AI in medicine.

From day one, the moon shot mission was a global one. Alberto Tozzi, who is both the incoming president of ISPI and an MD at Bambino Gesu, one of the largest children’s hospitals in Europe, is joining us live and in person in San Francisco. Alberto will give a EU perspective on the importance of AI in healthcare, the real challenges in data sharing, and how they are implementing BevelCloud at Bambino Gesu.

Staying in Europe, Dr Darren Gates, a Pediatric Intensivist at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the UK will also be at AIMed. He is passionate about harnessing AI to make healthcare even better, and will share some of the roadblocks they’ve run into at Alder Hey to become a Vanguard Hospital, and how they were dealt with.

Finally, joining us all the way from Lebanon will be Dr Fatme Charafeddine, a Pediatric Cardiac Electrophysiologist at the American University of Beirut-Medical Center. She will bring to life what it would mean for children’s healthcare if we can access, share and use data (ultrasound, EKG, etc.) from all the machines in all the children’s hospitals in the world – especially in countries like Lebanon.

Next month, we’ll have the ability to access, use and share data from over 8 hospitals, over 150 ultrasound machines generating over 100TB of data and over 100,000 cases annually.  And that’s just the beginning. Join us on our moon shot mission to transform children’s healthcare globally.

Join Timothy Chou and all our fantastic moon shot crew at the AIMed Global Summit taking place live and in-person in San Francisco, May 24-26. Book your place now.