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The coronavirus pandemic has drastically accelerated the deployment of digital health solutions. Indeed, governments and health ministries across the world have been inundated with offers from tech firms wanting to do their bit in the fight against COVID-19. However, there is a risk that untested, unvalidated, untried technologies might be brought forward in response to this urgent global crisis. Instead, industry experts recommend focusing on trusted technology and pushing that faster. But how can health leaders evaluate the options they are being presented with? Where do we strike the balance between agility, evidence, regulation and validation? What does the future look like for deployment of AI solutions in healthcare? In this exclusive webinar, the UK Department of International Trade will discuss their digital health offer for COVID-19, presenting real use cases and the British companies solving them, and offering tangible examples of how digital health can support us during this crisis.    


India and Digital Health Lead, Healthcare UK
Chief Strategy Officer, C2-Ai
Digital Health Specialist, Healthcare UK
Department for International Trade

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