Aly Abayazeed, MD
Assistant Professor of Neuroradiology
University of Massachusetts

Aly is an Assistant professor of neuroradiology at the University of Massachusetts and the CMO (Chief  Medical Officer) and co-founder of Neosoma, Inc., a Boston, MA-based Health startup focused on  revolutionizing the care of brain tumor patients through an innovative deep learning-based software  platform to improve workflow and patients’ outcomes. Aly co-founded Neosoma with Ken Kolodziej, a  serial entrepreneur and SaaS veteran, to develop and commercialize technology to make labor-intensive  MRI analysis for brain tumors 98% faster and to provide standardized and reproducible tumor analytics  to support hospital tumor board treatment decisions for improved patients’ outcomes. 

As a practicing neuroradiologist, radiology lecturer and member of the advanced functional and  neuroimaging service at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and School of Medicine with a  practice that is focused on brain tumors, Aly is intimately familiar with all the challenges that faces  radiologists, radiation oncologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons when it comes to MRI analysis and  advanced MRI imaging. These experiences and the desire to prolong and improve progression free and  overall survival of brain tumor patients are what instigated his desire to change the current practice  methods of hospitals tumor boards through Neosoma’s AI-DL technology.  

Aly obtained his medical degree from the University of Cairo School of Medicine in Cairo Egypt. He  completed his medical internship, radiology residency and neuroradiology fellowship in the United  States at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the University of Louisville and the University of  Massachusetts respectively. Aly is ABR certified with a CAQ (certificate of added qualification) in  Neuroradiology. Aly has contributed to a number of peer reviewed publications, book chapters,  professional societies presentations, clinical and NIH funded trials. 

In 2018 and while working on an AI research project that he initiated in collaboration with the University  of Bern, Aly met Dr. Mauricio Reyes who is the director of the medical AI research lab at UofBern. Aly  and Mauricio then collaborated to develop the AI technology and algorithms needed to achieve the  vision of Neosoma.  

Aly believes in the importance of family over everything else and despite his busy professional life, Aly  spends as much time as possible with his wife, Amira, their two children and dog. Aly was a professional  swimmer during middle school, high school and college and won a number of gold medals in Africa and  Europe as part of the Egyptian national swimming team. After his career in swimming he also had a brief  career in men’s physique where he competed in few US based competitions. Currently Aly enjoys going  to the gym regularly, playing soccer and swimming semi-regularly, and racing his personally modified  BMW on the rare occasions of having a free weekend.