Ari Goldberg, MD, PhD
Director of Chest and Abdominal Imaging
Loyola University Health System

Ari Goldberg is the current Director of Chest and Abdominal Imaging at Loyola University Health System and president of the Chicago Radiologic Society. He received his MD, PhD (Biophysics) degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 and completed a diagnostic radiology residency and cardiothoracic imaging fellowship at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (2005-2010). Dr Goldberg was prior Director of Cardiothoracic Imaging at Geisinger Clinic prior to joining Loyola University Chicago.

Dr Goldberg is also the Chief Medical Officer for Cygnus-AI, an artificial intelligence company oriented to deep learning-based solutions for radiology. As an academician, he has research interests and partnerships, including active grants and publications, in development of novel MRI and CT techniques, Artificial Intelligence (including workflow optimization, cancer detection, and COVID classifiers), and contrast material safety and optimization. Dr Goldberg has particular clinical interests in cardiovascular disease, infection, and chronic lung diseases.