Dr Ameet Bakhai

Dr Ameet Bakhai, from the Royal Free London NHS Trust, is a unique,
renowned, cardiologist and research lead, on the front line, who manages complex
cardiac patients with an inspiring passion and proven track record for improving
healthcare through constant innovations. He combines his care of patients with a
depth of experience, clear communication and empathy whilst also providing
access to cutting edge clinical trials, novel diagnostics, drugs, devices, digital
technologies or recruiting them to international registries. As a “positive health
hacker” he works with commissioners on value of medicines and technologies,
pharma partners on designing and evaluating therapies and digital companies on
integrating with treatment pathways.. As a previous ambassador for Digital Health
London, his moonshot on Heart health and debate on Artificial Intelligence in
medicine – enabling or replacing healthcare professionals highlights the need to
understand the last 30 years of development from digital technology tools to
Artificial Intelligence Health Care of the future. Meanwhile at the Royal Free he’s
co-designed and implemented the first UK Cerner clinical pathway for Heart
Failure to enable faster, more thorough identification and management of cardiac