Dr. Antonio Cisternino
Professor of Computer Science and Chief Information Officer

Dr. Antonio Cisternino is researcher and Professor in Computer Science at University of Pisa. Since 2016 he also serves as CIO for the University, supervising the whole IT infrastructure and services operations and development. In 2008 he contributed to create the IT Center, an interdepartmental research and service center for the University dedicated to study IT technologies in collaboration with the industry in the context of datacenter, cloud and HPC technologies. As a researcher he investigated many subjects in his working life, including AI, Robotics, programming languages, virtualization, crowd engineering, cyber security. His interests in applying IT technologies to other disciplines led to collaborations with different fields including Humanities, Agronomy, Veterinary, Biomedical engineering, and medicine. He contributed to Microsoft .NET CLR technology and co-authored “Expert F#” book series with the F# programming language creator Don Syme. His current interests are system architectures and persistent programming.