Dr. Jack Neil
Chief Technology Officer/Pediatric Anesthesiologist

Dr. Jack Neil is CEO/Cofounder of Zather Inc, Founder of udifi Inc, and Chief Technology Officer/Pediatric Anesthesiologist at MedStream Anesthesia. He is also a member of the American Society of Anesthesia’s Electronic Media and Information Technology Committee. A physician and application developer by training, his passions lie at the intersect of healthcare and technology.

He has written blockchain health record distributed applications (MyMed), medical-device compliance reporting smart-contracts, acoustic detection and classification neural networks (Aud.ai), nursery smart-monitors with on-board cry detection and correction (Babifi), anesthesia information management systems (Neptune), autonomous cryptocurrency trading bots (Cryptifi), remote video-surveillance and trapping systems (HogNet), and web applications (Carousel USA; ClassicCamo) to name a few.

He is a contributor to numerous blockchain libraries on github and has filed patents in the fields of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.