Edwin Morley-Fletcher
Founder and CEO

Edwin Morley-Fletcher is the founder and CEO of Lynkeus, an independent strategy consultancy based in Rome, Italy, with a special focus on AI for Clinical Decision Support Systems, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain applications and Smart Contracts.

Former Professor of Public Policy at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, he was chairman of the Welfare Market Committee within the Italian National Council for Economy and Labour (CNEL).

He has coordinated and managed a number of EU-funded Projects such as Health-e-Child (2006-2010), Sim-e-Child (2010-2012), MD-Paedigree (2013-2017), Cardioproof (2013-2016), WhoLoDancE (2016-2018), MyHealthMyData (2016-2019), and drafted the socio-economic section of the Avicenna roadmap on In Silico Clinical Trials: How Computer Simulation will transform the Biomedical Industry (2013-2015).