Geoff Rollason
Patient Experience and Service Director, Oncology
Pfizer UK

The leader of a team dedicated to developing new and innovative ways of improving the experience of cancer patients, Geoff returned to Pfizer from IQVIA (Quintiles) in 2016 where he was Pathways Effectiveness Team Lead.

Geoff began the ground-breaking patient pathway work in a previous stint with Pfizer in 2010, leading the development a service designed to help the NHS deliver service improvements whilst minimising additional expenditure. The work has since been delivered in collaboration with more than thirty different NHS sites across a range of tumour sites, focussing on how the experience of patients can be enhanced and improved.

Prior to joining Pfizer in Geoff had a career of twenty years in the NHS, predominantly in Primary Care and Community settings including service management, contracting and commissioning. Geoff left the NHS in 2007 and spent a year working in South East Asia as a volunteer in a hospital on the island of Flores in Indonesia, before returning to take up a role with Pfizer in 2008.

The Patient Experience Team has developed its work into collaborating with NHS partners to explore the deployment of new technologies to assist the NHS further improve the range and quality of services available to cancer patients. Pfizer Oncology is dedicated to putting patients first and delivering breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. The team is central to these goals.


Assisting the NHS to improve services delivered to patients is an area of work that Geoff believes in passionately, and an opportunity to talk about the work and its impact is never passed up!