Jason Evans
Deputy Chief Officer

For over 25 years Jason has held influential roles in community development, public health and NHS senior management. As a result he has substantial experience of working with patients, the public, providers and wider stakeholders to secure high quality, safe and efficient NHS services.

In 2018, Jason secured appointment to Deputy Chief Officer for West Midlands Integrated Urgent & Emergency Care Service (IUC), overseeing a £300 portfolio of services for the 5.4 million people living in the West Midlands region. This role includes responsibility for implementing national best practice for IUC digital enablement and implementing transformational requirements of NHS England for 999 and 111 services.

This role necessitates a comprehensive grasp of transformational change at scale and fundamental to this are Jason’s abilities as an agile, innovative and potent systems leader.  A highly effective negotiator, Jason regularly facilitates agreements with individuals, teams and organisations, often around multidimensional and highly complex issues.  Self-motivated, he is aware of his strengths, but also realistic in understanding when and where to use the expertise and support of others. Resilient and emotionally intelligent, Jason draws on a range of system leadership skills to secure results.