Jeremy Slater, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Stratus Neuro

Dr. Slater serves as Chief Medical Officer for Stratus, having worked in the field of epilepsy for more than 27 years. He served as Director of the Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program from 2004 to 2018, growing the center from a single neurologist and neurosurgeon to one of the largest epilepsy surgery programs in the country. He has served as an investigator for numerous clinical trials of novel anticonvulsants and medical devices. His early research work focused on the potential for applying techniques of the developing field of artificial neural networks to classification problems in clinical neurophysiology. These studies demonstrated the ability of such networks to distinguish disease states with a level of discrimination higher than achieved through statistical or human visual analysis. While the architectures have evolved and now such analyses are commonplace, these were the first such studies of their kind. His more recent research has focused on changes to brain electrical activity related to drowsiness.