Joy Knott
Patient Representative
Breast Cancer Now

Joy is 61 and a retired primary school teacher and dyslexia specialist. She is married with three grown up sons. Joy first had breast cancer when she was 38 and her boys were quite young. She had a mastectomy and chemotherapy and was discharged after 10 years. However, after symptoms that her GP did not connect with her previous cancer, Joy was eventually diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in her lung at the age of 51.

Joy has outlived her prognosis and is still here undergoing palliative treatment 10 years later. She does her best to live for each day and do things that she enjoys. She is a great believer in integrative care and values the support of the Penny Brohn whole life approach. Joy fundraises each year for valuable breast cancer research and has played an active part in Breast Cancer Now’s secondary breast cancer campaign group.