Lynda Chin, MD
President and CEO, Adjunct Professor
Apricity Health and Dell Medical School

Dr. Chin is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine, a renowned cancer genomic scientist and a leader in application of technologies, AI/ML and big data in medicine. A mother of 3 teenagers, Dr. Chin is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded cancer therapeutics and biomarker companies. Presently, Dr. Chin is the President and CEO of Apricity Health, a next-generation precision oncology company she co-founded to bring expert oncology care from cancer centers to patients at home on a learning platform to improve care and accelerate therapeutic development.

A dermatologist by training, Dr. Chin conducted research in cancer genomics and cancer biology at Dana
Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, served on the executive subcommittee of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and co-led development of the Firehose pipeline at the Broad Institute. As the founding chair of Department of Genomic Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center, she launched initiatives to develop technology-enabled platform capabilities to accelerate translation and democratize evidence-based care. Later, as Chief Innovation Officer of the University of Texas System, Dr. Chin created the Institute for Health Transformation to create technology-enabled ecosystem that can improve access to care for the underserved. Throughout her career, Dr. Chin has been a champion for cross-industry collaboration. She was the scientific director at the Belfer Applied Cancer Institute of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and later at the Institute for Applied Cancer Science of MD Anderson Cancer Center, both built on a novel organizational construct designed to bridge across academia and industry to enable and accelerate science-based drug discovery. Foreseeing the paradigm shift of clinical care and research to real-world settings, Dr. Chin left her academic research career to launch Apricity Health, a digital medicine company that brings together technologies, patient data, science and clinical expertise to change the paradigm of care for all patients living with cancers.