Noor Shaker
Co-founder and CEO

Noor is a co-founder and CEO at GTN, a startup that uniquely combines machine learning with quantum physics to discover new medicines. Through GTN’s technology, chemicals can be effectively simulated, analysed and discovered computationally. In 2018, Noor secured £2.1 million in seed funding and a global pharmaceutical company to signup for a pilot. Before co-founding GTN, Noor was an assistant professor at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. She has more than 50 publications and 1300+ citations and has co-authored a book on generative methods. She has won a number of grants and awards for her research and was an active member of her research community. Noor has co-authored two patents and received a great recognition for her work at GTN including the rising star award handed to her by the Prime Minister Theresa May. She is listed as one of the top 30 women leaders in U.K. healthcare in 2018 and was recently featured in Wired Magazine.