Professor Michael Fisher
Consultant Cardiologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Prof. Fisher is a consultant cardiologist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and an honorary professor at the University of Liverpool. Until recently, he specialised in interventional cardiology, although has recently given this up in favour of pursuing his interests in research and clinical Informatics, but has a particular interest in managing patients with difficult to treat angina. He has a lively interest in research and audit, which accounts for his interest in data and a background in IT, having worked as a programmer, operator and database administrator for ICL and the Post Office in the past and also having run his own small IT software firm. For his sins, he is also the Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) for the newly created Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust and also the clinical safety officer. In addition he is the head of the Innovation stream of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital Global Digital Exemplar programme and as such has significant experience in helping start-ups and SMEs to develop their products for the NHS market and advising them on potential sources of funding, designing studies to gather data to support business case development and targeting their offerings to relevant clinical applications.