Raj Mummadi MD
Chief Quality and Population Health Officer, Consultant Gastroenterologist
Northwest Permanente PC

Dr. Mummadi is Regional Chief Quality Officer and consultant gastroenterologist with Northwest
Permanente, the medical group of Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and SouthWest Washington. He is the
clinical lead for the Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning Governance group in the region. He is a
clinical investigator, and his research interests focus on colon cancer screening. Dr. Mummadi’s varied
roles as a physician executive, clinical investigator, and practicing gastroenterologist allow a unique
systems perspective of AI’s impact on different healthcare domains such as population health, disease
prognostication, behavior modeling, and computer vision. As a practicing gastroenterologist, he is
excited about the role of deep learning /computer vision in improving endoscopic outcomes. His
research involves developing predictive models to predict completed colonoscopy after a positive FIT test.