Samir Manjure
Co-Founder and CEO

Samir Manjure is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at KenSci. In his role, Samir oversees everyday business functions such as operations, sales, and product strategy. Prior to KenSci, Samir has held various positions at Microsoft, over a span of 17 years, from program management of all “Advertiser” facing offerings from AdCentre: Web Offering, API offering and Desktop to launching innovative products in Small Business CRM category.

Samir co-founded KenSci with a vision to help healthcare payers and providers transform the way they provide care and operate their business, by using machine learning. He holds a Master’s degree from Purdue University and an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Samir currently resides in Seattle, where KenSci is headquartered.