Sean Matheiken
Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Information Technology Entrepreneur.

Mr Matheiken has five years’ experience as a consultant vascular surgeon with a special interest and high level of expertise in modern lower limb revascularisation and multidisciplinary care of diabetic foot complications. I am confident and competent in dealing with the entire spectrum of acute and sub-acute vascular surgical presentations including aortic, carotid, upper and lower limb, venous, mesenteric and traumatic pathologies. During this time, he has had a full on-call rota at tertiary referral vascular units in for this duration, covering hub and spoke hospitals.

Mr Matheiken is a keen educationalist and has completed successful tenures as Lead in teaching and training positions at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the European Society for Vascular Surgery. Mr Matheiken also possess skills in the information technology and internet domains that he applies to produce innovative clinical solutions within the NHS.

He can be described as a warm and caring individual with an effusive personality, who takes immense satisfaction in ensuring his patients are reassured and respected whilst providing them continuity of superlative care for their clinical needs.
Mr Matheiken’s career goals are to systematise and standardise the care of provision of tertiary level vascular surgical care within his sector, and to distill and disseminate his acquired wisdom innovatively and efficiently to future generations.