Sujay Nagaraj
MD/PhD student

Sujay is currently a second year MD/PhD student at the University of Toronto. Prior to attending medical school, he studied Life Sciences and Computing at Queen’s University. His research interests lie within the intersections of AI and clinical medicine, and he is excited to dedicate his PhD years in navigating this space further. Outside of research, Sujay has been actively involved in an AI in medicine interest group in his school. The organization has held speaker-series and workshops aimed to foster medical student interest in this area. They have also worked to help implement a lecture for second year MD students about AI in medicine and have been involved in establishing official curriculum guidelines about the topic. The organization is helping to seed similar interest groups in medical schools across Canada as well. Sujay firmly believes that physicians need to have a certain level of competence in order to navigate this space beyond their training. Physicians will need to act as gatekeepers in the face of such innovative, disruptive technology and need to be well-versed in adequate language in order to assess risk and convey concepts to their patients. The importance of early-exposure and training especially as the field is burgeoning is critical. Sujay is also one of the leaders of his medical school’s Wilderness Medicine society – he loves spending time outdoors, hiking, scrambling, and anything involving an elevation-gain!