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AIMed Global Summit 2023 Themes

We exist because we are passionate about the human to human connection and we believe in changing healthcare one connection at a time.

AIMed’s Global Summit 2023 will be bigger and better than ever! With a keynote stage bringing together the superstars of strategic and thought leadership for smart healthcare, content will be split across six dedicated tracks focusing the below.


From Data to Delivery

Data science is ushering in a new era of modern medicine. Opening up possibilities to improve outcomes, enhance patient experience and reduce costs. This track uncovers how data is being leveraged to drive innovation and help change the way clinicians and healthcare business leaders identify, manage and treat patients.

Population Health & Equity

If done well, AI-optimized approaches can dramatically expand successful population health and global health interventions in both human and physical resource-limited settings. Join this track to discuss, question and collaborate on developing, validating, and testing AI approaches for risk prediction, bias situations and areas of prevalence, diagnostics and decision making to provide value for cohorts and improving health equity.

Ethics & Regulation

As AI adoption grows ensuring responsible use and development is paramount. This track deep dives into the R.E.A.L (regulation, ethics, accountability and legal) issues around AI and the wider considerations. With a lens of ensuring humans remain in the loop, discussions explore the nuances of AI so that it promotes well-being, patient equity, human safety and the public interest.

Tools & Deployment Track

Wondering how to implement AI in your role? Or to scale it up? Whether you are just getting started or already an expert, consider use cases and lessons learned to aid your deployment decisions and benefit from the transformational opportunities that AI can provide in medicine and healthcare operations. Dig into the AI tool kit and explore RPA, wearable technology, NLP, digital twins, neural networks, machine and deep learning, extended reality and much more.

Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

With advancements in connectivity, digitalisation and intelligent tools coupled with a maturing market of AI applications in medicine, the future of smart healthcare is here. But do we have the policy, strategy, funding models, education and people in place to deliver at scale? This track translates these nuances in detail to build sector resilience as we reimagine the future of healthcare with AI.

Application in Clinical Domains

Most subspecialties have seen sizable growth in the presence of AI. As the scope increases, providing clinicians with further insights into patient conditions, this track shares the latest applications and use cases across clinical domains.

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