Risk Only Goes So Far

We need a new health outcomes equation

For as long as there have been humans, there has been an understanding of why people become ill, and how to help them. I imagine the earliest man to have known the basics: fire = burns, falling from a tree = injury, snow or ice = reduced swelling. The

3 minute read

3 Things Payers Should Consider

No time for guessing game. Three things payers need to consider if they are to survive the impact of deferred care.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that nearly half of all Americans say they or someone they live with has delayed care since COVID started. The why behind this

3 minute read

Getting started in medical AIntrepreneurship

Most health professionals, scientists, and engineers think they have good ideas but they do not necessarily know what to do with them. Even if they do, they may not realize the many considerations involved in the whole process of commercializing medical technology. Unfortunately, some of these sk

4 minute read
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