Genomes on GPU’s

The field of genomics is growing exponentially, transforming the healthcare, agriculture, and life sciences industries, as well as being one o

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AI Champions Awards Short List

AIMed Champion Clinician 2020

  • Paul J Chang, MD, Professor of Radiology, University of Chicago
  • Dr Indra Joshi, Director of AI, NHSX
  • Eric Topol, MD, Executive VP, Scripps Research

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AIMed Champions Awards

In spite of, or even in response to, the ongoing global pandemic, AI in medicine and healthcare goes from strength to strength. And, as we approach the end of 2020, we want to recognize some of the great people and organizations that have helped to drive the agenda.

We are therefore very excited

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The role of Bayes theorem in testing for COVID-19 (Part 1)

“Math is the logic of certainty, and statistics is the logic of uncertainty.”
Joseph Blitzstein, Harvard statistician

It is supremely frustrating for scientists who work with a few of the world leaders who have extreme form of confirmation bias and refuse to update their beliefs

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Cardiology Clinician Series 2020

Module 1: Data and databases in AI and cardiology

For AI innovation, the starting point always has to be the data. But what constitutes good quality data, how can it be accessed, and can you ever have enough?

  • Understanding the different types of data and how to i
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Radiology Clinician Series 2020

Keynote address: ​Radiology’s post pandemic future

How will the profound global disruption created by the novel coronavirus impactthe future of radiology? Will innovation be accelerated or grind to a halt? Which of the emergency accommodations in regulatory policy outlast the virus and how

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