Alberto Cappelli
Product Manager & DataEngineer, WTS Workflow Technology Solutions

Alberto Cappelli graduated in the 80’s at Politecnico of Torino (Italy) as  a Chemical Engineer and then got a Master Degree in Social Economics in Torino University. His 40 years experience in Manufacturing Industry started with European Space Agency, in developing statistical risk analyses related to meteorites impact on satellites in Earth Orbits and at those times he was involving in adopting AI models (so called “expert systems”) ; then he became CIO of Westinghouse Signalling Division in Italy and contributed in creating and implementing the first set of LAN networks in Italy.

After many years spent in Processes Optimization and IT Dept Management , he started his activity in Healthcare about 10 years ago, acting as a consultant for two major US and Italian companies involved in Learn Managment Solutions in complex Hospital Divisions (i.e.  ICU and Surgery Blocks).

A part from this Processes Optimization activities last year he started a group of young doctors and data scientists with the aim to apply AI techniques and modelling to heatlhcare processes, in a practical and operational mode, i.e. try to leverage the ML/DL techniques to give the clinicians data and tools to help them to optimize decisions during their daily

Currently the group is working on two main topics i.e. the optimization of Patient Blood Management using ML techniques and the implementation of ML/DL models to optimize prevenction and infection control in surgical patients.