Robert David Stevens, MD, FCCM
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Johns Hopkins University

Robert David Stevens is an Associate Professor in Johns Hopkins University with appointments in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Neurology and Radiology. He is faculty in the Institute for Cell Engineering, the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Kirby Center for Functional Neuroimaging, and in the Institute for Computational Medicine. Dr Stevens’ vision is to deploy Precision Medicine for the benefit of critically ill and injured patients. His research seeks and validates patient-specific signatures associated with trauma, surgery and acute conditions such as stroke, cardiac arrest, and sepsis. To achieve this, he engages with an interdisciplinary group of basic and systems neuroscientists, biomedical and computer engineers, data scientists, and neuroradiologists. Dr Stevens is the principal investigator of the Neuroimaging for Coma Emergence and Recovery (NICER) project which examines the brain connectome to enhance classification and prediction in patients recovering from severe brain injury. Other projects from Dr Stevens’ group analyze features captured through neurophysiologic monitoring, blood-based biomarkers and wearable sensors, with the goal of building models for outcome prediction and treatment selection. In the lab, Dr Stevens’ group studies molecular and cellular determinants of injury and recovery in experimental models of brain injury, with a special emphasis on host responses and cellular regeneration.