William Flannery, BM FRCS(ORL-HNS) MFMLM
Deputy Chief Clinical Information Officer and Consultant ENT Surgeon
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

William Flannery is a consultant ENT surgeon specialising in Paediatrics and a Deputy Chief Clinical Information Officer tasked with clinical adoption and user experience in my Trust. He advises their IM&T group on AI applications – he completed the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme in 2019. He does a considerable amount of post-deployment data & analytics on applications running in the Trust (video platforms, classification algorithms, speech recognition software, electronic consent). William is a big fan of R. RStudio is his go to app for extracting actionable insights from large datasets. He specialises in data visualisation. He is an associate of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. His current drive is to inform clinicians of the huge opportunity data science provides for new clinical research and healthcare delivery.

William can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter