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Development and Verification of a Digital Twin Patient Model to Predict Specific Treatment Response During the First 24 Hours of Sepsis

Lal, Amos MBBS; Li, Guangxi MD; Cubro, Edin MSc, MBA; Chalmers, Sarah MD; Li, Heyi MD; Herasevich, Vitaly MD, PhD, FCCM; Dong, Yue MD; Pickering

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The Top 10 mistakes healthcare executives make with AI

“Some executives think that artificial intelligence is a sentient being, but it is simply a better way to turn data into actionable insights.“
Ryan Detert, CEO Influential

Artificial intelligence (AI), with its machine and deep learning, natural language processing, and robotic

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The role of Bayes theorem in testing for COVID-19 (Part 2)

“Humans, it turns out, are not very good at Bayesian inference, at least when verbal reasoning is involved. The problem is that we tend to neglect the cause’s prior probability. ”
Pedro Domingos, in The Master Algorithm

We remain in the most challenging global health crisis of o

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