AIMed SURGERY – Top Takeaways

The COVID-19 pandemic is running its apocalyptic course around the world. One thing is certain in the midst of total uncertainty and utter chaos: SARS-CoV-2 is a very daunting enemy and we remain totally subjugated by these viral overlords. It is easy, therefore, for we humans to lose patience and b

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Have we forgotten about Surgical Data Science?

Medicine used to be extremely hierarchal. Decisions tend to be made based on someone’s experiences rather than objective measurement. The emergence of evidence-based medicine changed it all. The change believed would continue as data from various sources are becoming available. At the same time,

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Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: Promises and Perils.

Hashimoto DA, Rosman G, Rus D et al. Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: Promises and Perils. Annals of Surgery 2018; 268(1): 70-76.

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The aim of this review was to summarize major topics in artificial intelligence (AI), including their applications and li

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